There are 2 ways to setup a Carsifi adapter: with and without a companion app.

We recommend using the companion app because it allows you to extend the functionality of your Carsifi adapter.
Recommend instruction:
1. Install companion app from Google Play
2. Open the app and click "Add new device"
3. Follow instructions and pair the Carsifi adapter. 
4. After that companion app will wait until the Wireless Android Auto session will be established.

Manual instruction(without companion app):
1. Connect the adapter to the Android Auto USB port in your car
2. Open the Bluetooth menu in Settings on your Android phone
3. Pair adapter with name "Casrsifi-xxxxxx"

P.S.: you only have to go through this process once. Carsifi will connect to your device automatically afterward just make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. 


P.S.2: If your phone no reacted on Carsifi adapter and the Android Auto session not established(you haven't seen any changes on your phone), please check if Wireless Android Auto is enabled on your phone(usually enabled):