Carsifi adapter supports OTA update (over-the-air update). We haven't stopped developing and improving firmware for our Carsifi adapter and continue working on it. That's why important to update the firmware when it will be available. After new firmware will be available we will send push notifications(if you have installed the companion app).

How to update:

1. Install the companion app (

2. Check if new firmware is available. Companion app -> Adapter details -> Update firmware  -> Check update

3. If new firmware is available Download it. Our firmware has a size of ~ 65Mb and you can download it using WIFI(adapter not required to be enabled during download)

4. Click the "Update" button.

5. If your phone hasn't connected to "Carsifi-xxxxxx", the companion app notify you about it and you should connect to Carsifi WIFI to continue.

  • If you will see an error like "Can send firmware URL". Please wait several seconds and click Update button again, or try to disable mobile data on your phone

6. Wait until the adapter downloads firmware from your phone and finish the update process. It could take ~ 1-2 min and after the companion app will notify you about the result.

P.S.: Please don't turn off the adapter during the update, the companion app will notify you when the update is finished or you will see that the adapter starts flashing green.

P.S.2: You can update firmware even if the adapter is plugged into any USB(home, office) or your PC. The update doesn't require to be connected to Android Auto USB.