If you have any issues with the adapter, it recommends to reset the adapter and pair it again with your phone.

  1. Plugin adapter to any USB and wait until LED start blinking green
  2. Click on the adapter "Magic" button and hold 3-5 seconds until led changed to yellow. The adapter should reboot and start blinking green.
  3. Remove the adapter from the Bluetooth list on your phone.
  4. Remove "Carsifi-XXXXXX" wifi network from the saved WIFI networks list on your phone 
  5. Open Android Auto app settings(latest Android versions has built-in Android Auto app and you can find it in settings menu) -> Previously connected cars -> 3 dots it top right corner -> Forgot all cars
  6. Clear Android Auto app cache memorySettings->Apps->Android Auto->Clear cache
  7. Try to remove your phone from the Android Auto list in your car head unit. (only if it option is available in your car)
  8. Remove your phone from the Bluetooth list on your car headunit.
  9. Reboot your phone and reboot the adapter
  10. Pair the adapter with your phone again.
  11. Refresh adapter in companion app (top right reload icon)