This article has some possible solutions that are required by a specific version of the head unit in different car models.

If the Carsifi adapter not works or suddenly stops working, try the following steps:


   - Remove Carsifi adapter and your phone from Bluetooth & Android Auto list in car head unit.

   - Forget all cars in Android Auto settings.

   - Pair your phone with your car headunit via bluetooth before Carsifi first connect with Honda car.

   - Intercept AA protocol off in the companion app before Carsifi first connect with Honda car.


   - Car headunit -> Settings -> Phone/Bluetooth -> Smartphone Projection Manager -> remove all records


   - Try to use a wired connection and check if it works. If not, please turn off the car engine and wait until the head unit completely turns off. After that turn on the engine, and check if Carsifi works. Some head units of Genesis cars completely stopped Android Auto from working if some error happened. Usually need to reboot the head unit.

- Need to click on Android Auto icon on your headunit only once time to run.

- Remove all connected Android Auto devices in Settings->Connected devices->Audi Smartphone Interface. To remove just click&hold until appear new dialog -> Delete. Try to connect adapter again.